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Thursday, July 1, 2010

POPEYE the sailor man...

"Does spinach weally make you stwong like Popeye, Mommy?"

Well, yes. Yes it does. Spinach is a superfood!! We eat spinach almost every day in the form of a Green Monster. Read all about those here. But for lunch today, I decided to try the Spinach and Garlic Chips that PW posted about a few days ago.
Got to admit, spinach is not really that appetizing when all shriveled up. But the flavor of the olive oil soaked garlic chips and spinach over noodles was very good. And the critics, with the exception of one, liked it too! Amazing.
I've got a feeling that the Green Monsters will be more of a staple around here than this spinach dish, but it was a nice change of pace for a summer lunch.

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Huxman Family said...

Glad green monsters are still going well in your house. I made them with fresh garden spinach while we had it, but although my children said they weren't that bad, they wouldn't end up eating them! UGH! Be grateful for your healthy eaters:)