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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Need a very simple supper? Are shrimp on sale at your food market? Then this is the recipe for you!
I have now actually made these quesadillas twice--once with shrimp, and then last night with chicken. Both of them were knock your socks off delicious!! All you are going to do is dump a can of enchilada sauce on your meat and let it soak in the flavor while you cut up onions and peppers. That's it!! And if you're like me, you are going to grate your monterey jack and sharp cheddar cheese also. To make it really easy, grab yourself a bag of shredded mexican cheese. But there really is a HUGE difference in flavor and how your cheese cooks if you grate it yourself. Try it you'll see! PW almost always grates her own cheese and now I am a firm believer in it also. Plus, it's cheaper--woo hoo!!
You could add any other toppings inside your tortillas that you'd like. I added mushrooms last night. And for the grown-ups who tolerate green leaves on top of their food, a bunch of fresh cilantro went smack dab in the middle of the gooey cheese....oh yummy. I am thinking I should make these again very soon!
Move on over Taco Tico!!

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