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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Petite Vanilla Bean Uh-Oh's!

UH-OH!!!!!! Ok, so this kitchen disaster is totally my fault--and I own it, I really do. But you've got to know that despite the mishap, the "no way in the world can these be called scones" were very, very tasty!!

This is what happens when I try to change a recipe to make it somewhat more healthy. I would like nothing more than to sit down with a Petite Vanilla Bean Scone every afternoon with a cup of coffee. But, if I don't want to run miles upon miles, elliptical for hours upon hours, or eat nothing else the rest of the day, I can not do that.

How did I attempt a healthier scone? I did not take out the butter or cream. When I say healthier, I should say I mean more whole food-ish. Does that make sense? Anyway, I used 2 cups of almond flour and 1 cup of whole wheat flour, threw in a couple of Tbsp. of ground flax seed, and also used natural cane sugar crystals. The result was the above pictures, which look absolutely nothing like PW's pictures. But as I said before, they taste awesome. Just a hint of sweet to curb the sweet tooth in you--and packed with fiber! Love that. The only thing is they do not look like a scone. In fact, they look like granola in a dish as evidenced by Steve asking me if that dish of scone sitting there was in fact homemade granola. I just said "Yes, Steve. That is homemade granola!!!! "

And you know what? He absolutely loved it. I can not even imagine how good the real scones would be...

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