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Friday, April 23, 2010

What? MExican Lasagna?

"What is Mexican lasagna?" "That does not sound good at all!" "I'm not gonna like it"
Now as a mom, don't you just love hearing those words out of your children when trying something new? Yeah, right! I know how it makes me feel when I have worked on dinner for at least an hour out of my day and to get that from my precious, albeit mouthy children. Thankfully Steve had a meeting last night so I didn't get it from him too! HA!
Well, first impressions are not always accurate, as in the case of Mexican Lasagna. The thought of, sound of, and looks of Mexican Lasagna did not appeal to my 4 baby critics, but the taste of? Can you say "give me seconds, this is awesome!?"
They absolutely loved the Mexican Lasagna! I tried to pack a nutrient punch so did end up altering the recipe just a tad. I used Ezekiel tortillas and long grain brown rice which added lots of fiber. I also mixed lean ground turkey with lean ground beef for half of the dish. The other half I left without meat. The result was a very yummy, somewhat spicy dish that left the kiddos feeling full AND happy! I have never eaten or used Salsa Verde in a recipe and it provided a certain tanginess to the dish. Of course in the enchilada sauce, I added about a Tbsp. of sugar.
My kids are not huge fans of cilantro, so I did not top theirs off with it. But you better believe I loaded it up on my dish and it makes all the difference in the flavor---that is if you like it.
The recipe makes a huge portion and I took a gamble we would like it and made one for the freezer also. I am glad I did!!


Rhonda said...

Ok, Steph, I thought this looked terrible, but I linked over to the recipe and YUM! Great idea with the Ezekiel tortillas and ground turkey! I am going to have to give this one a try!

Steph said...

Good luck Rhonda! Hope your tribe likes it as well as mine did! :)