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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Citrus Dressing and Bierocks

Just thought I'd give you another use for your cinnamon roll dough. The possibilities are endless! Tonight I made bierocks and used the dough I had made on Saturday. They turned out great. If you haven't tried this dough yet, you've got to. You can find a post on it here. I use this dough for so many things and it's great to have in the fridge. My kids absolutely love bierocks and they are wonderful to have in the freezer for evenings when you need something quick.
Brown 1 pound hamburger and onion
Add drained Bavarian sauerkraut
Add as much Monterey Jack cheese that you like
Simmer all of this in a pan until cheese is melted
Make sure it has enough salt and pepper
Add a bit of mustard
Use your dough to make "palm-sized" balls, flatten and fill with meat mixture
Bake at 350 degrees for about 20-22 minutes

Also, tonight I was really craving a citrus dressing to eat on my salad. So I popped on over to PW's Tasty Kitchen and found this. I made my own salad, but used this citrus dressing. I thought it was great for something different and to my surprise, each of the kiddos ate it. Granted, they did not have seconds on salad, but hey!

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