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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Berry is a Berry

Mondays always come too quickly after the weekend, but for some reason I welcome back the routine of the week. We are completely out of cereal and I was in no mood to make eggs (surprise!), and everyone ate toast yesterday (on the WAY to church, mind you), so...

Muffins it was! I must say, that these muffins were good, but probably much better if you would have used the blueberries as the recipe states. Since I have no fresh blueberries and I had strawberries that were on the verge of rotting, I decided to interchange my berries. It worked and the girls thought they were about the best darn muffins they have ever eaten. However, Kassidy left her warm strawberries on her plate. I would have to admit, that warm strawberries were a bit hard for me to take also---therefore, my toaster did not go unused this morning. The recipe states to let the muffins cool completely. Well, if we were to have done that, Natalie would have for sure gone off the deep end and been almost tardy. So, the warm muffins we did eat.

I am definitely wanting to try this muffin recipe again using blueberries. Although if you're a strawberry fan, it will work. Just let them cool off please.

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