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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yee Haw!

This is going to be kind of a bummer for those of you who do not have this. Mostly because I can not find anywhere on PW's site that she has the recipe for the Cowboy Calzones that I made tonight for dinner. In her cookbook is this fantastic recipe, right next to her pizza crust recipe--well, because the Cowboy Calzones are made out of her pizza crust dough. Have you ever heard me talk about that crust before? Like telling you to have your freezer stocked full of it, I believe I have said a couple of times or so...
My critics hands down L.O.V.E.D. the Cowboy Calzones. I had a meeting I had to go to during the dinner hour, so I wasn't here to experience it first-hand, but when I walked in the door I was praised, bowed before, and hailed "Queen of the Kitchen". Well, maybe that is a little extreme. But it was close.
The really exciting aspect to the Cowboy Calzones for me is the fact that they freeze well and you can pop them in to the oven on those nights that you have meetings scheduled during the dinner hour. However, I did make them fresh tonight, but plan to lasso up a whole bunch more tomorrow. I had enough of the filling to fill two pizza crusts.
Ride 'em cowboy!

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