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Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Your Every Day Grilled Cheese

I can get away with grilled cheese sandwiches every once in awhile. Not my family's favorite unless the alternative is tomato soup---then they eat them like nothing else. Well tonight I did not serve them with tomato soup. So the sandwiches stood alone. To shake it up a bit, I made Pioneer Woman’s Favorite Sandwich. Oh my goodness people. This is NOT an ordinary cheese sandwich. This is a grilled cheese sandwich pumped up! Pumped up so much that PW was right in saying you can only eat about a half a sandwich and you are full.

Pioneer Woman’s Favorite Sandwich has two different kinds of cheese (go ahead and pick your favorites!), onion, tomato, special sauce, green chilis, and uses rye bread. There are no ifs, ands, or buts...Pioneer Woman’s Favorite Sandwich is a great sandwich. If you like cheese, that is.

I have one and only one child critic that liked them. The others opted for good old velveeta filled grilled cheese sandwiches. Steve and I thought they were great. There is something about the onion, tomato, and chilis with all of that melted cheese that is just plain good. And I think the key is to let the sandwich grill very slowly and of course make sure there is plenty of butter on the bread.

Just asked Steve how he'd describe Pioneer Woman’s Favorite Sandwich and he said...

"That sandwich rocked!"

Need I say more?


Dawn said...

Yummo! Those sound great! What kind of cheeses did you use?

Steph said...

They were great! I used sharp cheddar and mozzarella. I love provolone, but didn't have any. I will use that next time.