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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Fever!

I have always found it interesting that in the fall, when the temps start to drop like into the 70's--we all start breaking out the jeans and sweatshirts. Likewise, in late winter/early spring--when it hits mid 40's we break out the shorts. And in our case today, the grill! We are just as guilty of it as every one else. Landon wore shorts yesterday. I don't think it ever got above 40 degrees. So enter the grill this fine day, with Steve in a sweatshirt, stocking cap, and shorts...

With "extra"-ordinary kids who love to eat salad, Steve and I and the rest of the critics have always loved steak salads in particular. In fact, they are on the menu frequently during the summer and early fall months. We love them. So I was pretty certain that the Ginger Steak Salad would get some high reviews.

Ginger Steak Salad has kind of an Asian flare to it. The dressing is excellent. In fact, Natalie asked if I would just make it and keep it on hand for whenever we have salad. It has just enough bite with the jalapeno pepper and you could easily add as much as you'd like. As I've said enough times now, I love the fresh ingredients in these dishes. Fresh ginger and garlic--yum! I was definitely more excited about the dressing than Steve was. I looked over at his plate, and instead of drizzling the homemade dressing on his salad, to my astonishment he was saturating his salad with a Ranch/BBQ sauce mixture!!!!!!! Oh my...

We used T-bone steaks which is a very good steak, but so thick that it did not take on the marinade very well. Either that or I needed more marinade. So keep that in mind when making this dish.

Ginger Steak Salad may not be pleasing to those kiddos who aren't salad eaters, obviously. But for my odd children, it hit the spot!

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