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Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally...the Rosemary Potatoes

I have been putting off making the Creamy Rosemary Potatoes now for the last couple of months. Something about slicing potatoes really thin that was really getting to me. Yes, I am lazy, remember?

The sauce that you cook to pour over your raw potatoes is OUT OF THIS WORLD good. I could have eaten that with a spoon and been fatter and happier than I've ever been. But, I needed the sauce for the massive amount of sliced potatoes I had. I will tell you why we did not like this recipe that much. I think I had too many potatoes for the amount of sauce. Maybe it had something to do with me taste-testing too much of the sauce????

Seriously, the sauce is wonderful. The potatoes turned sort of a grayish/pinkish looking color which was unappetizing to both me and the critics. I did not bake them in a 9x 13, it was a little deeper dish and they seemed to have a hard time getting done completely. Overall the flavor was good. But I think you could almost make another half recipe of sauce to adequately cook that flavor throughout all of the potatoes.

I would make it again. Especially for company when in need of potatoes. But it still doesn't compare to our "wedding potato" recipe. Which always turns out, is just as fattening, and is much, much easier!

Hands down the sauce over the these potatoes is a 5 smiley star, but for some reason when cooked in the potatoes, it doesn't deliver the same...

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