I am excited to write about all things I am passionate about...and some, well, that I may not be passionate about. But all things are happening in this LIFE. And, I want to document and have accountablity to living life with intention. And so it goes...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Because my day is so unbelievably busy and I didn't get home until 4:30 pm. Because I am on call right now at the hospital until 3:00 am tomorrow morning. Because we are busy planting trees this evening. Because it is 78 degrees and beautiful outside and I can't bear to turn on my stove or oven for that matter. Because we finally got our swingset up. Because we are in the process of putting up our basketball goal. Because I bought the kids a whole new box of sidewalk chalk. And some new sandbox goodies. Because Natalie has a basketball pizza party tonight. Because I am planning a big birthday party for Kassidy tomorrow evening. Because I just got done filling 300 Easter eggs for the big hunt for Kassidy's birthday party.
Those are the reasons we are each eating our favorite cereal for dinner this evening.

***If you can believe it, I got "thank you's" and a big hug from one critic for my choice in fine dining this evening... ***

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