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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"What a Weird Name!"

"What are they called?? Spreads?" Needless to say, after hearing the name of the after-school snack, my girls were somewhat leary. It did not take long for them to give me their chocolate covered smiles.

“Spreads” – My Brother’s Favorite Cookie is really just a variation on a chocolate chip cookie. I did have a moment of panic while mixing these up when I could no where find baking powder or baking soda listed (note my previous mishap...). “Spreads” – My Brother’s Favorite Cookie does NOT call for baking powder or baking soda, so if you are craving a chocolate chip cookie and are all out of said ingredients, “Spreads” – My Brother’s Favorite Cookie is the recipe for you.

Our little neighbor boy even got in on this snack today. I'm pretty sure that Steve would give these a "thumbs up", "smiley star", whatever you want to call it. Since Steve did not get in on this snack we have a critic stand in. And I KNOW this neighbor boy loved “Spreads” – My Brother’s Favorite Cookie. Even though I could barely see his smile amongst all the chocolate smeared across his sweet little 7 year old face! Landon managed to keep it mostly off his face but looked like he had painted his hand with chocolate. Don't ask me how that boy does it. To his credit and that of the other critics, Spreads” – My Brother’s Favorite Cookie are rather messy. A chocolate chip cookie IS much easier to eat. But then again, getting messy is a lot of fun too, right?!

I, for one, am thankful the weather was so nice today so I could push all the chocolate covered children on to the deck to eat their snack...

A weird name, but yummy just the same! Put it in the recipe file!! (shocker!!)

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sjk said...

Definitely file that one. Would be good with a cup of coffee.