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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


If you have ever wished you could pick up a piece of macaroni and cheese and eat it, make Cheese Muffins and all of your dreams will come true! Honestly, I thought they tasted like a piece of macaroni and cheese. And they probably should with 3 cups of cheese in the recipe.

You could not make anything simpler in a pinch if you were needing a type of "bread" with your meal. I think it may have taken me all of 10 minutes from the time I started until the Cheese Muffins were in the muffin tins ready to go in the oven. Let me tell you---I LOVE THAT!!! My girls thought they were divine, Steve said they were a keeper, but Landon just kind of picked at his. He picked at all of his food though, tonight. Must have been the apple, peppernuts, clementines, and extra chicken he was grazing on all afternoon.

Cheese Muffins would be especially good with soup. And I plan to do just that the next time I have soup. But first, I'm gonna need to hit the grocery store and buy some more cheese.


Shannon said...

These sound awesome! I'm making them this week! They sound a little like Red Lobsters cheese muffins... gotta be good!

Steph said...

To make them more like Red Lobster's, you would need to add garlic and some salt--or garlic salt! :) I am so smart...ha!