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Monday, January 25, 2010

Soup and Pie Potluck

Yesterday after church, our Sunday School class all got together for a Soup and Pie Potluck. It was so much fun! And we had such an unbelievable spread of food. I think we had about 5-6 different kinds of soup and 5-6 different kinds of pie. YUMMO! I sent out an email asking each family to either bring a soup or a pie, which ever they make or feel like making. And it just worked out super. We had plenty of soup and plenty of pie. Don't get me wrong, the Soup and Pie Potluck was definitely a 5 smiley star event!

For those of you who don't know who Pioneer Man is, I have pointed him out to you. See how happy he is when there's yummy food, fun, and fellowship? Hi Steve!!Look at all those smiley stars!! We are so thankful for our Sunday School Class! Love ya! And not just because you made all those yummy soups and pies...really.

I am sure that you can imagine how excited I was to see Italian Meatball Soup on her website this past week. Since I did NO cleaning whatsoever on Friday, I decided I would really be on top of the preparation for all of the weekend's recipes. It worked out well. I made the meatballs and stuck them in the fridge, cut up all the veggies except for the potato, and stuck them in the fridge, chopped my parsley and added it to the bay leaf and peppercorns and stuck the little container in the fridge also. I was ready now to make my soup when Sunday morning came!

I got up pretty early so the soup would have time to boil, simmer, and what not before I put it in the crockpot for after church. There are quite a few steps to Italian Meatball Soup . I think it is really good. Like really good in a "have your girlfriends over to eat" kind of way. Steve woke up to the strong smell of the meatballs (fresh parmesan cheese in them) and herbs boiling in beef broth. I think he would have preferred to wake up to the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls baking, however. I don't know if that did him in or what, but he did not like the soup. My kiddos ate the chicken and noodle soup that was at the potluck and very curtly turned up their noses at Italian Meatball Soup.

I liked it. I will maybe make it again. Although it is a lot of work if I am the only one to eat it. And furthermore, not one person asked me for the recipe... hmmm, so I'm not too sure how big of hit it was.


Dawn said...

ahhh...I am bummed for you that nobody liked the soup BUT at the same time I am so thankful for this blog because I was going to make it this week but I think I will skip it!
I see that Marlboro Man's favorite sandwich is coming up. I am excited to see what your critics think on that one, my critics did not like it...only Eric and I liked it.
Congrats on your first cast iron skillet :)

Steph said...

I finished the rest of the soup yesterday and I thought it was really good! I am sure you would like it, but probably not a good idea for the fam. And thank you, I am VERY excited about my skillet!

Are things OK with you over there? I briefly saw something about BP meds and such. Praying you find answers!