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Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Meant to Be...

Over the last week, I have made quite a few different recipes. One recipe called for egg whites. So I had a bowl full of egg yolks in my fridge. Basically, when that happens, I keep them in there for awhile thinking that I will be resourceful and then end up throwing them away. I also have about 1/2 container of sour cream sitting in my fridge. Let's see, what else... Oh, I bought cake flour thinking I would make a certain recipe that now I am going to wait on. And most annoyingly of all, I had taken some of my rhubarb out of the freezer thinking I was going to make a pie. Well, thinking about that pie was the only thing that happened. So there sits my thawed out rhubarb. Rhubarb that is very precious and not in abundance in my freezer.

So what is the point in all of these things I am telling you about, you ask?

THIS IS IT: Big Crumb Cake.

Do you ever feel or get that notion that something was just meant to be? Like you were supposed to do something because all the stars (er, ingredients) lined up in the universe and it was like a calling or something?

Well, that is exactly what happened to me. I was mostly concerned for my rhubarb sitting there sadly, getting soggier by the day, wanting to be made in to a pie that I was not going to make. Where else do I turn in my time of baking/cooking need? You guessed it. HERE!

I simply searched for the word rhubarb in the site and it got me to the Big Crumb Cake.

And what to my wandering eyes did appear? But a recipe that called for sour cream, rhubarb, egg yolk, and cake flour!!! What?! Could it be? Yes, there was no turning from it. It had to be made.

And because it had to be made, I did just that. I didn't know what might happen if I didn't make it. But it was going to be something big, something disturbing, something, uh, I don't know...

Big Crumb Cake. is simple to make. I have never in my long life used cake flour. I don't know why not? Most likely because if the recipe called for cake flour, I would find a different one. But wow! This stuff is awesome! It's so soft and fun to work with. And I would be lying if I told you I did not try the battter. I did. And it tasted exactly like YELLOW BOXED CAKE MIX!!! I have a big obsession with a yellow cake mix. It's my favorite kind of cake and I have always wondered how in the world to get the taste of that cake. Wonder no more!

(disclaimer: I have a slight obsession right now with picnik.com and editing my photos. SO fun!! I'll try not to be too obnoxioius. But I heard you wanted photos, right?)

I made Big Crumb Cake. as a dessert for last night's supper, but it would be even more wonderful as a coffeecake for breakfast. If you find yourself in a predicament, such as I, with:

egg yolk

sour cream

cake flour


then please, please, please make Big Crumb Cake. You'll be happy you did.

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