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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Guess what I bought?!

I know, it's the little things in life that excite me. This last week was payday and I could hardly wait to go get my groceries for this next week. Besides the groceries, a black iron skillet made the list. Looking through her recipes, I knew that it was inevitable. I was going to need one. Do you all have black iron skillets? I know it was the furthest thing from my mind when I was registering for any type of cookware 13 years ago. Hmmm....

Well the Buttered Rosemary Rolls have been in sight for quite some time now. But I did not have a darn black iron skillet. I had some cinnamon roll dough that I mixed up on Friday for whatever the spirit would move in me to make this weekend. Buttered Rosemary Rolls were it! And were they ever!! I LOVED these rolls. There was something about they way they baked in my black iron skillet that I also loved. They browned nicely and were soft and almost had a buttery crust! YUMMO!

I did not give this a 5 smiley star rating due to my critics. A few of them could not get past the fresh rosemary adorning the top of their buns! And once they have made their minds that their buns should not have green sprigs on top, they pretty much didn't eat them.

I have a new found love, as I said in a previous post, for fresh ingredients. And truly, there is nothing quite like fresh herbs when cooking and even baking. I am excited to get my own little herb garden growing! Buttered Rosemary Rolls could be made any time without any thought at all if I had rosemary growing in a little pot on my deck.

I am sure that Buttered Rosemary Rolls could be made in any type of baking pan. But if you have a black iron skillet and Rhode's rolls or cinnamon roll dough begging to be made. Well, you know what to do.

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