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Friday, January 15, 2010

Simple and Perfect, uh huh!

"These are the best enchiladas I have ever eaten"...states Critic #1.

"I want more, and I want A LOT more"...states Critic #2.

"This meat is so good"...states Critic #3.

"Yep, this is good"...states Critic #4.

"This is HOT!"...states Critic #5.

"I wish there was more than a spoonful left"...said me.

I was very productive in my kitchen yesterday. But not so much in the rest of my house. In fact, the rest of my house kind of went by the wayside. Not intentionally--my intentions were to cook AND clean. So when I got the call that the plans had changed for the evening and we would not be eating together as a family, I was a bit frustrated. Well, a whole lot frustrated. I had worked in the kitchen for this meal last night and I really wanted to be able to blog about it to you all, and now we weren't even going to be able to eat it. Luckily for me, the Simple. Perfect. Enchiladas! worked well to be made ahead of time and put in the fridge.

Sometimes, the best thought out plans are not always the best plans. This whole ordeal which really irritated me last night helped me gain a little bit of perspective. I am sure all of us have heard the horrible catastrophe in Haiti. How easy it is for me to completely take for granted how blessed I am! Even though the evening did not go as planned, I still had my husband who came home at the end of the day. I still had my four precious babies to kiss goodnight. And we all still have a roof over our heads. I am blessed.

So now that I have perspective, let's get on with it. BECAUSE I cooked yesterday and neglected my house and we did NOT eat what I had made...I was able to CLEAN my house TODAY and completely stay out of my kitchen. Which means my kitchen was clean and did not get messed up from my cooking!! And the best part about it?? My house is clean for the weekend and we had a fabulous dinner tonight that all I had to do was stick in the oven. Simple. Perfect. Enchiladas! were just that: simple and perfect! Oh my goodness, you guys. These were so good! We all loved them.

I did change one thing about the recipe. I added almost a whole tablespoon of sugar to the sauce as it was simmering. I think it helps take that really strong acidic taste out of the tomatoes in the enchilada sauce. But other than that, I followed the recipe.

I promise you, you will love Simple. Perfect. Enchiladas! if you are an enchilada fan at all.

***And here is the bonus of this post. If any of you can name who the critics were as stated above, I will make you and your family your own pan of Simple. Perfect. Enchiladas!. For my out of state friends, when you come to this area I will have them ready for you. ***

BUT, you have to get the name of the critics right. Good Luck!


Jodi said...

Critic #1: Natalie
Critic #2: Kourtney
Critic #3: Kassidy
Critic #4: Steve
Critic #5: Landon

You can next day air them to me frozen - I don't mind sticking them in the oven. :)

Jim said...

Critic #1: Steve
Critic #2: Landon
Critic #3: Kourtney
Critic #4: Natalie
Critic #5: Kassidy

Steph said...

One of you is close. One of you is not. When are you here? March? I will clarify... You don't have to get them all right, you just have to be the person who has the MOST right. So far, because either Jim or Jodi has "some" right, you will be getting an enchilada dinner in March. That is unless someone else answers more of them correctly. Should I tell you how many a certain person has right? Not yet... So we'll see. Steve--you can not participate!

Dawn said...

okay...I obviously do not personally know your family BUT I love games :)

Critic #1- Steve
Critic #2- Kourtney
Critic #3- Kassidy
Critic #4- Natalie
Critic #5- Landon

Steph said...

Dawn!! I am so impressed, you have ONE right! Good work, girlie. I don't even think you have met my kiddos yet, have you? I bet your family has a good "authentic" enchilada recipe?

Dawn said...

Steph...I would love to meet your kiddos but haven't yet! Here's the crazy thing...we do have a "handed down for generations" enchilada recipe BUT we made PW enchiladas at Christmas because they are just as good and wayyyyyy less work!!!
Thanks for the game...it was fun to guess!!

Huxman Family said...

Critic #1 - Natalie
Critic #2 - Kourtney
Critic #3 - Steve
Critic #4 - Landon
Critic #5 - Kassidy

Love this and am SOOO hoping to get the pan of enchiladas. If not, oh well, it's fun anyway:)

PS - The French Breakfast Puffs were a HUGE hit in my house --- you definitely need to try them again WITH baking powder:)

Steph said...

Ok, here are the results:

Critic #1--Steve
Critic #2--Landon
Critic #4--Kassidy
Critic #5--Kourtney

DeAnn, we can always do enchiladas if we ever can find a night to get together! ;)

JIM!! You are the winner of a pan of enchiladas. If you'd like to come prior to March, we would be all for that! Congrats!!

Shannon said...

Okay, I had to do something wrong with these. I was even going to tell you not to bother with these the other day and now I see you did and you gave them a thumbs up!? We did NOT like them at all.. None of us... we had company too when I made them there were 13 of us and only 3/4 of a 9x13 got gone and probably half of that got scraped out for the varmints in the garden... We didn't like the sauce I guess, nor the corn torts, I think I'd of liked it better with flour, usually I love corn tortillas.. I had to do something wrong... Do you care that I'm painfully honest on how mine turned out or would you rather I just wrote my good reviews on the food? :)

Steph said...

Of course I want you to be honest! That is one of the endearing traits I love about you! I think you need to add the sugar to the enchilada sauce. I did not like the way it tasted without it either. There's something about the sweet in there that changes the way it tastes and makes it yummy. But I love the cilantro too. Some people do not like that taste. If you try it again, add the SUGAR and see what you think. But maybe make a half recipe so you can just try it before giving it to your kiddos again!