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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A PW Pow Wow

Some friends of ours came over on Sunday afternoon, and you guessed it...we had some PW recipes! We both agreed to make a dessert recipe for all of our many critics to enjoy. Fun! My friend definitely went to much more effort than I did with Caramel Pumpkin Gingersnap Cheesecake. So There. In fact, the poor girlie stayed up until midnight the night before just to get it done. Thank you, DeAnn! We thought it was worth all your trouble--ha!

I can not tell you if she thought Caramel Pumpkin Gingersnap Cheesecake. So There was worth all of the trouble or not. I'll let her comment on that. But it was very yummy! And would be especially yummy at Thanksgiving time. I don't particularly enjoy making cheesecake so I am so thankful she did it for me and I will tuck that recipe back in my brain for Turkey Day next year.

I opted to make an apple pie and apple-rhubarb pie. Let me tell you, I've got a grandma who makes the BEST pies ever and it is my goal to get as good as she is at making them. She used to bake pies for our local cafe which specialized in home-baked goodies and meals. I am not kidding when I say she is one of the best. Which she passed down to her daughter (my mom) and now it is slowly filtering down to me and hopefully my girlies too some day. Who knows? Landon may be a pie baker too!

I do my fair share of pie-baking for our church when we have funerals. To me, pies are easy to make. The worst thing about them is dealing with the pie crust. UGHH! I hate to roll out pie crust. I have always used my Mom and Grandma's pie crust recipe and loaded up my freezer with balls of dough that I can just pull out when I need to make a pie. That is the way to do it! I was excited to see P-P-P-Pie Crust. And It’s P-P-P-Perfect. on PW's site. She also stocks her freezer up with pie crusts.

I really think P-P-P-Pie Crust. And It’s P-P-P-Perfect. is a great recipe. Once I learn the art of rolling out pie dough, pie-making will be a breeze. I thought P-P-P-Pie Crust. And It’s P-P-P-Perfect. was very flaky but I made it too thick. It definitely needed to be rolled out thinner. I'm not gonna lie, it was NOT any easier to roll out than any other pie dough recipe I've used. But I liked it. And I'm gonna keep working with it. I have another friend of mine who is an absolute AWESOME cook, baker, etc. and she is changing from her pie dough recipe to P-P-P-Pie Crust. And It’s P-P-P-Perfect. recipe. So if she is going to do it, I am too.

Now I'd like to see what Grandma thinks of it...


Huxman Family said...

I enjoy making cheesecakes with my springform pan, so the cheesecake was worth the time. Actually, it was a little easier than some of the others I've made. The pies were awesome too! And Kaitlen made the PW apple pie and strawberry shortcake last weekend for our verenika supper at church and said they were both AMAZING!!!!

Steph said...

Strawberry shortcake sounds really good! Hmmm...just got to find some good strawberries!