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Monday, February 1, 2010

Get Yourself Some Cake Flour!

This morning I was actually feeling like a "morning" person, which I am not. I was jolly, ready for the day, and excited to make Perfect Pancakes! If you remember, I had made another pancake recipe by PW a few weeks ago that the critics loved and I could not stomach (due to the incredible egg-like texture...) Anyway, since I had cake flour I was prepared to make Perfect Pancakes. They passed the test with flying colors, although one critic does not think they're as good as my normal pancakes (which would be Bisquick...). More on that in a minute.

But first, is this not just the perfect picture of a

Happy Monday Kassidy!! Looks like you need some Perfect Pancakes to me!

Kourtney surprisingly was extremely happy this fine Monday morning while she waited patiently for the Perfect Pancakes. They grilled up really thick! Kassidy looks a little more thrilled now that she's dressed and spreading butter on her Perfect Pancakes. This batch made a lot of Perfect Pancakes!! I was impressed and you all know how I love to have leftovers to put in the freezer for another day... But between these two girlies, I think they put away 6-8 Perfect Pancakes between them. Wait girls!! Slow down! Natalie has to eat yet.

Whew! That was a close one. Thankfully Natalie got in on a few, although THIS is the critic who likes the Bisquick cakes better. Doesn't look like she's minding these, though.

Had to slow her down too because "the boy" was still asleep until 9:00 am today! And he loves Perfect Pancakes. So I am left with around 6 or so in the freezer for another day. That will take care of the girls' breakfasts at least.

This is what I am left with when it's all said and done. Yes, it was worth the mess. And as soon as Sam's starts selling cake flour in bulk, we will be having these much more often.

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Jodi said...

I'm sure children will thank you someday when they look back at your famous blog for these pictures. :) The pancakes look good - I have some cake flour I need to use - now I have an excuse! :)