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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bummer Beef Brisket?

As I said before, there are bound to be recipes we just don't like as much as others which doesn't mean you glorious people should not try them! You may love Brisket, Baby. You may not. We did not love it.

When you prepare something and it marinates for a day and a half, then bakes for another almost whole day I think the expectations begin to soar. Do you know what I mean? On Saturday we had a day filled with our little girls' basketball games. I was very prepared in the fact that all I had to do was put the Brisket, Baby. in the oven and I could leave for the day knowing that our dinner would be ready when we returned. Is that not the best feeling? Preparation. Expectation. Brisket, Baby.

Last night we had some other preparation we needed to do (which you will learn about soon!) so Steve cut the fat off the brisket, carved it, and stuck it back in its juices and we headed to my parents' house. I was mildly excited for them to review the Brisket, Baby. also. Like I said, we just didn't love Brisket, Baby. Landon barely ate any of it--said it was "too sour". Which in his little mind I am guessing meant it was too salty. Which both Steve and I concurred. I thought the girls would pound it down because of their love for roast, but I don't think any of them went back for seconds.

My point is this: the Brisket, Baby. that I made was not very big. Four adults and four kids later there still remained some leftovers.

So what do you think?

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