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Monday, January 11, 2010

Breakfast Woes--Part 2

I have learned one thing from this next recipe. It is that my daughter, Kourtney, is so very much like me. Mostly in what she eats. She eats really pretty much anything, but lately I have noticed an extreme aversion to eggs. Gotta love her! Actually, Kourtney's star should look green with a very strong gag reflex after she tried Breakfast Burritos to Go.
No, really. The Breakfast Burritos to Go are a super thing to grab from the freezer and they are very hearty. They are packed with sausage, eggs, Basic Breakfast Potatoes, and monterey jack cheese. I obviously did not put these to my lips either, but they were extremely fun to roll up!
If these won't help you do well in school or sell a John Deere tractor, I don't know what will...
Basic Breakfast Potatoes are really good on their own too. Both of these recipes you can find also in PW's cookbook, which is now $11 on Amazon, by the way. I think there may be 3 or so recipes that call for Basic Breakfast Potatoes.
I must confess, I did not mix up the Breakfast Burritos to Go, my Mom did for my brother, Sam who was heading back to college. She loaded him up with food that would last our family at least a month and him maybe a week or two. Funny, I don't remember getting loaded with food before I went back to college...hmmm. Anyway, I just got lucky enough to help roll them up as we all realized how big of a batch they made. We were the recipients of some of the extras and boy did 3 of my kids down them before church yesterday. The other, well, she had yogurt.


Dawn said...

Thanks for this post! We have really been wanting to try the burritos but I have to admit that I have not wanted to try a new recipe in the morning...1) I am NOT a morning person. 2) we have the same breakfast issues with the boys--one wants nothing but cereal and the other two only want eggs and toast!
So, thanks for letting us know that they are good and work for everyone (unless you don't do eggs)!

Jodi said...

My philosphy on things kids don't like: When their mother's detest them so much and are unwilling to try them (i.e. eggs & pork) it will probably be passed on....you, as her mother, should try eggs and I bet Kourtney will try them and probably LOVE them - just like you would if you gave them a chance! :)