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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Enchilada Twist

PW's Simple, Perfect Enchiladas are always a huge hit. I've made them for family gatherings, church potlucks, when we have guests over, and have stocked our freezer full for a yummy meal on those busy nights when we need something quick.

I was intrigued by the variation on the recipe which uses sour cream and cheese as the filling instead of the usual ground beef. So therefore, in addition to the old standby, I made these tonight. I must admit, the kiddos stuck with the original, but Steve and I really liked the meatless variety. Basically, the method is very much the same...the filling is the only difference.

Worth a try! And definitely a great addition to the original. A perfect combination to serve your guests and also a great way to offer a vegetarian option.

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