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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quickie Meatball Sandwiches

Was kind of funny...a friend of mine thought maybe I wasn't feeding my kids anymore. Let me assure you---they are WELL FED!!! Maybe not all the time fed by the infamous PW recipes, but well fed none the less. These last few days haven't really even been that crazy. More like lazy, I guess you could say. We've eaten with family quite a bit, sent one girl to camp, ended our softball season, and are anticipating and planning our family vacation in August.

I decided tonight I had to make a PW recipe and this was it. Mini meatball subs were a huge hit with the fam tonight! Although I should have made my mini meatballs a bit more "mini". They practically had to eat the sandwiches with a fork (and I wish they would have!) they were so thick. Very simple and very tasty---especially when you wait to feed them until 7:30 pm. I used the panko bread crumbs as PW suggests and made my own marinara sauce out of canned diced tomatoes, tomato soup, and spicy spaghetti seasoning (from Sam's). I then sliced fresh mozzarella on whole wheat hoagie buns and laid the meatballs on top.

They loved them. Quick. Easy. ~~~~~~PW strikes again.


Dawn said...

Yay!! The strike has ended and you are fattening up the young 'uns! It is so funny that we pick the same recipes from that web site frequently, we are having these on friday :) Did you do the small rolls or a big bun/roll with several meatballs? I think I am going to do the sliders because the boys will think it's fun and I can fool myself that I am not eating as much :) Thanks Steph!

Steph said...

Sliders would be absolutely perfect for these!! It was a decent sized roll which held 3 (too big) meatballs. Next time I would definitely make my meatballs smaller and pack them in. Mine were a MOUTHFULL!!!! Hope your boys love them as much as my kiddos did!