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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Donuts for breakfast!!

Yes, this recipe is very similar to the French Breakfast Puffs that I made months ago without the baking powder, remember?

Muffins that taste like Donuts just had to be made this morning. I didn't take the time to look closely at just how similar they are to the French Breakfast Puffs, but the kiddos said they taste almost the same.

When I told them I was making Muffins that taste like Donuts Kassidy said to me: "Well, I will be the judge of that..." Oh my, I think we are gonna be in for an adventure with that girl. In my kids' minds, donuts taste like long john's or chocolate covered donuts---so the sugary cake donuts (which is what these taste like) they don't really know. But none-the-less, the each ate two and were begging for a third.

Super easy to make--you don't need a mixer. It's as simple as adding dry and wet ingredients together. And on a side note, I did half white and half wheat flour. Truly, dipped in butter and rolled in sugar, the kids had NO clue. Yep, I am sneaky.

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