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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Enchilada turned Chimichanga...

If you have not made the enchiladas from PW yet, you must do it this week. Get to the store, buy the ingredients, GET 'ER DONE!!! They are awesome! You can find the post all about them here.

A good friend of mine turned 40 last week and we celebrated with a Mexican fiesta! It was so fun and so yummy! I made PW's famous enchiladas and I made a TON of them. In fact, I made some extra for my kiddos who went to stay with Steve's grandma for the evening. Which left me with about a half of a pan leftover. I love leftovers! But my kids can only tolerate the same meal maybe one more time. Which leads me to my dilemma. I had about 5 enchiladas left over and we had already eaten leftover enchiladas. What to do?!

Well, I must give credit where credit is due. I have this friend of mine, whom after this suggestion of his that I took him up on, I believe has a bit of culinary brilliance. Yes, I said it. He did actually impress me with this one. I wanted to use my leftovers but I didn't want my critics knowing they were indeed eating these enchiladas AGAIN. So he suggested re-wrapping the enchiladas in flour tortillas and frying them up like chimichangas. How easy! No, they did not become any more nutritious, but with homemade Restaurant Style Salsa, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and guacamole---we got a whole new meal which the kiddos LOVED by the way.

Just thought I'd share! The enchiladas and Restaurant Style Salsa are two of our very favorite recipes we eat from PW.

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