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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Panko and a Green Monster

Oh my goodness...summer is in full swing around here! The really scary thing is that this week is a slow week for us. No softball gam.es, bible school, and I'm not really even working besides being on call--and it still feels crazy.
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My addiction of PW is still going strong and because it's not enough for me, I have added some other recipes I've been experimenting with...

What I love about these smoothies is the incredible nutrition you get. Although I have been dragging my feet to try them. Something about the almond milk was worrying me. But to my surprise my kiddos and I loved them!!! I have yet to try one out on Steve, but I know he'll like them too. An awesome breakfast and supplement to a meal, it gives you all the benefits of raw spinach, bananas, and fresh fruit--plus the protein and calcium of your mik of choice, and fiber from the flax seed. Yes, the Green Monster movement has hit our household and I am very excited.

Although the smoothie could easily be a meal for some, that would not fly at our house. PW had a yummy looking recipe for fried mozzarella sticks. How did she know that my kids could live off of those???

Very simple to prepare for frying, but the frying is kind of a trick. Some of them turned out really good, and others melted too quickly and spread out all over the pan. That was irritating. But they tasted good and it was fun to make them from scratch! I think I did not flash freeze them long enough and if I had, they wouldn't have melted so quickly. But we were hungry and I needed to get them done!!

The recipe uses Panko bread crumbs which worked great---added a bit of a crunch to them. Due to the significant egg wash dredging required, I did not personally try these. But the kids loved them. Fried cheese? I mean, really...how could you go wrong? Thank goodness for the Green Monster to even out the healthiness of this meal today...

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