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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Lasagna Cheat.

Thank you to my mother, we got to eat a yummy PW meal last night. I thought I would just review it, pretending that I made it, but I was feeling like a huge CHEAT!!! So, the lasagna although eaten at my house, was made by my mom. Ok, I feel better.
This recipe made a huge portion! It has an added interest with the spicy sausage in addition to the hamburger. I don't know how detailed and difficult it was to make. She did have it in the freezer and it had been a few weeks and it still turned out delicious.
Again---I must say, that perhaps anything goes good with the Garlic Cheese Bread we had. Do you remember this recipe? If not, check here.
Funny how so many of the recipes turn into a post about that bread.

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