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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Potato Leek Pizza

First of all, I am wondering how many people have ever cooked with leeks, let alone eat them? Or have known that you are eating them?

I seriously do not think I have ever knowingly eaten leeks before. Crazy! But I have to say, I really like them. Aside from the fact I had know idea what I was looking for in the grocery store. Really leeks are like a huge green onion. Like gigantic. But with a very mild almost "onion" type flavor but not. It is hard to describe. Nevertheless, they are tasty in a dish---and especially in this pizza we made last night.

I will tell you, I can not find the recipe on PW's website--but it's in her cookbook. Get one today if you don't already have one!!!

Potatoes on pizza? Hmmm. It worked! The recipe called for 3 potatoes, but I used only one small potato sliced super thin. Not huge potato eaters here, but they added some interest and texture and you wouldn't want to leave them out. Pair that with fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, leeks, and bacon...and there you have it. A pizza like no other pizza you've ever had. Flavorful and fun! And it looks like a gourmet pizza!!

My kiddos are not super picky, but I did bake a cheese pizza along side of this one. The leftovers of the pizza does not include one slice of cheese pizza if that tells you anything. But for adult food lovers, this pizza was a hit! If you want the recipe--get HER cookbook! Or give me a call.

****For the health concious of the group. I made this pizza crust using half wheat flour. Also substituted turkey bacon for the real bacon. And it was good! The pizza crust seemed to bake up much crispier---which I liked. And ate to my heart's desire...*****


LeighSW said...

I do cook with leeks from time to time but hadn't used them until a few years ago. One of my risotto recipes calls for leeks, I believe, and that's how I began my relationship with leeks:)

Jodi said...

We thoroughly enjoyed our Potato Leek Pizza last night and am glad you liked it... I would like to say that our 21-month-old loved his pizza - the potato leek pizza not a specially made cheese pizza. ;) You have got to make potato soup with the leeks! YUMMO!