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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pioneer Man "Brees"es Thru the Appetizer

After looking through the list of PW's appetizers, I decided to go with the Steak Bites. Really not much to this recipe. Chose a sirloin steak from the freezer, thawed it, trimmed the fat, and followed PW's recipe. Seasoned the cubed steak with Kosher salt and pepper. Made sure the pan and butter were hot, like almost ready to burn hot. The key is to not over cook the meat.
This recipe is easy to make, low prep, and a good meaty appetizer. I would go one step further and recommend a dipping sauce to add variety and help with the bites that may have overcooked. Like BBQ or creamy horseradish. That would be awesome.

Everyone seemed to enjoy Steak Bites. Not a recipe that can be made ahead because the meat is best right off the skillet.
So I did "Brees" through another challenge and came out a hero. Great option for a meaty delight.


Huxman Family said...

I almost tried that recipe too, but didn't have the option to cook them right at our gathering. They looked very good though. Great job Steve!!!

Steph said...

I ate too darn many of these! Steve, you did a great job! Except for the splattered grease all over my stove top from your first trial run making them. But I am happy to clean up after you...
:) Especially since you were in charge of breakfast, church, lunch, snacks, and everything else yesterday!

Like Steve said, the steak bites that are not overcooked are very good--addicting!! But the tougher pieces I could do without. But that's how I am with any of my steak.