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Thursday, February 18, 2010


I had such high aspirations for this evening. For some reason, I never did call anybody to come for Life by Chocolate after my sweet girl's music program this evening. Don't get me wrong. I did make Life by Chocolate. And it was definitely yummy. Like major 5 star rating. I heard things like "can I please just have one more" and "oh, thank you mommy for making these", and "these are really good". None of that masked the fact that Life by Chocolate frustrated me to no end this afternoon!

My day was met with very good intentions. My little girl was so excited for her school music program this evening. You would have thought it was her graduation. So, I thought, how neat would it be to end the evening by inviting friends and family over for a new recipe I was trying, Life by Chocolate. Call me vain. I don't care. I am so happy I did not make the calls for a dessert gathering after I worked and worked to get these cupcakes out of my pans...
U.G.L.Y. you ain't got no alibi you UGLY, UGLY, THIS MOMMA SAYS YOU UGLY!!! Seriously. I think the problem was that the hershey's kiss sunk to the bottom of the cake batter and wedged itself into the muffin tin. Therefore, making it difficult to impossible to retrieve a cupcake in one piece from the tin. I can not even tell you the frustration I was feeling. I sprayed the muffin tins!!!
Once I got over it all, and had these beauties on my cooling sheet, I made the ganache. And really, just taking one bite of the ganache with the biggest spoon I could find made almost all of my troubles disappear. Ganache is gorgeous! Shiney! Gleaming! I loved it. And as beautiful as the ganache was, it still could not make the Life by Chocolate look any better. The cakes could hardly even sit flat on a plate. Looks aren't everything though, as we all know. They tasted superb! But for tonight, vanity won over taste--and only my family got to indulge in the Life by Chocolate.
Beauty was found, though, in the voices of some precious children at their music program. After listening to them, it really didn't matter how ugly those darn cupcakes were.

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