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Monday, February 15, 2010

Darn Good Drip!

Ok, so the name sounds a little, uh, funny. Like can something with the word "drip" in it even be good? Oh yes it can!! Drip Beef, Two Ways did NOT disappoint! Just look at this yummy goodness...mmmm!

Seems like every recipe I try lately, I have to make a confession upon changing up the recipe. For Drip Beef, Two Ways, I was astonished to check my deep freeze and find NO roast. No roast!! We always have roasts! ARGH!!!!! Although we had no roasts, we did have a ton of different cuts of steak. So you guessed it, I pulled out a T-bone and a ribeye steak. And they worked just beautifully! I did get Steve's consent. I know some of you may be gasping at the thought of using perfectly good steaks. But let me tell you--we've got a lot of them. And we need to use them. And we did not have a roast. And I was making Drip Beef, Two Ways TONIGHT one way or the other.
There are two different recipes of Drip Beef, Two Ways featured on her blog. I did the recipe with the beef consomme', pepperocini's, and italian seasonings. We will definitely be eating these again. The flavor of the beef was so good with just a little bit of bite to it. The meat shred very easily with a couple of forks and then I just let it soak in its own juices until we were ready to eat. Place this tender meat in between buttered and toasted homemade rolls and some mozzarella cheese and there you have it. Drip Beef, Two Ways. We loved it!

And we are all so darn full right now. Look how big those sandwiches were! Mercy!

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