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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Variety is the Spice of Life

I know you are all thinking that I must make cinnamon roll dough each and every day. I would like to think that I just have it on hand for whenever I want to make a baked good, but alas, that is not the case. I just haven't used it all up from when I mixed up the dough on Saturday. Saturday people!! Did you hear me? That is what I absolutely LOVE the most about this dough. You can leave it in the fridge for days! Today is Wednesday, right? That would be 4 days...

Four days ago I never thought I would be making Caramel Apple Sticky Buns for breakfast this morning. I mean, come on, did you think I was going to chance just having those cheezy eggs for breakfast when I've got dough screaming to be made in my fridge?

First of all, I was supposed to work last night. Apparently no one is having babies this week. The moon must be right or must NOT be right, depending on how you look at it. But at this rate, we are going to be having bread and water for our meals if I don't log in some hours at the hospital. I am trying to pay for my addiction!!! And I can't buy food unless YOU people have some babies. Ok, I am done ranting. I am actually very glad to be spry this morning instead of using toothpicks to keep my eyes open while playing football with my little boy...but enough of that.

On to Caramel Apple Sticky Buns. These are unbelievable~~that is, if you like caramel. And they are even somewhat healthy with the apple cut up in there! Hey, give me a break...I'm trying here!! Besides their yumminess, my baby girl cracks up every time I say "sticky buns"! Hilarious! That girl...

Caramel Apple Sticky Buns will definitely be a variation of the cinnamon rolls that I will continue to make, and maybe I'll be making pans of these each time I make cinnamon rolls. It's basically the same thing, but with a caramel sauce on the bottom of your pan before you put the rolls in. This is worth your time people!! And just think...you don't have to make a frosting for these rolls!

***A highly requested recipe will post later this afternoon. Although it is not from her, I have been meaning to get this recipe to many people who have asked for it. So check back later. I think I may even have a picture of it, thanks to a friend of mine!***

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