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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blackberry, and I'm not talking phones here!!

Sam's Club had unbelievably, huge, yummy looking blackberries that I just couldn't leave there. I knew there was The Great Cobbler DebateBlackberry Cobbler #1 just begging to be made in my PW cookbook. I also knew that a good friend of mine had made it before and said it was really good. So, I paid for those big, yummy blackberries and took them home to my fridge where they sat until I had a reason to make a fattening dessert.

The time came to have a college farewell for my little brother after him being home for Christmas break the last few weeks. We met at my Mom's and had a really yummy meal (aside from the said meatloaf in the previous post). I was pumped! I was going to use my blackberries and we all get to try a new recipe from PW!!

The recipe is VERY easy to make. I absolutely love that about it. And it really is pretty good. I mean, we only had a serving left over once it was all said and done. Did it knock anyone's socks off? No. Did anyone beg to take the last serving home and eat it as a midnight snack or Sunday morning breakfast? No. Did my husband say he would choose to eat this if it were on a dessert table? He says "what else is on the dessert table?" Would I make it again? Yes, IF I found some big, beautiful, blackberries at Sam's Club AND I needed to make a dessert. Yes, yes I would.

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Shannon said...

I think I've made this one 5 times already and we ALWAYS love it, I made it for company the other night and had to make two of them and we had only one scoop left! I think we're getting a little tired of it tho! We bought the big blackberries from Sams too.. then we ran out and bought them from walmart.. $3 higher with less blackberries!! plug for Sams too... Oh yeah and it IS so easy to make!