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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Corn Chowder with Chilis

A couple of fine days this past summer, our family found ourselves shucking sweet corn, cleaning it, taking it off the cob, then bagging it up to be frozen. Don't get me wrong...it was a wonderful time of bonding. But about after the 90th quart, we were already to be done. Now you did read it right--yes, we have a TON of sweet corn. It is taking up almost 2 full shelves in our stand up freezer in the garage.

So naturally, when I saw this corn chowder recipe, I was intrigued. Not only do I love soup when the weather changes, I love it when I can find a soup that incorporates something I already have on hand. You guessed it. CORN!!!!

Besides the simplicity of this recipe, it is just plain good. All of the flavors of bacon, onion, corn, and cream together with the spicyness and bite of the peppers, is just awesome! And comforting. And, I really needed to make a double recipe of this because the kettle was clean after we got done with it.
Definitely a recipe that I will be adding to my rotation of soups throughout this cold weather season. Three out of four kiddos loved it and Steve thought it was great. Our unexpected dinner guest, Great Grandma Nikkel, thought it was good too---although she had Natalie refill her ice water a few times...

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