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Friday, July 16, 2010

Cherry Banana Coconut Butter Bread

Oh my word, this bread is amazing! A couple of different blogs I have read recently have showcased this bread and have swooned all about it. So, you guessed it...I went straight to the store to get the ingredients I needed and made this nutrient beast last night. (Mostly for a little snack before bed for me, but the critics RAIDED the loaf pan!)

Cherry Banana Coconut Butter Bread was very simple to make. No mixer, no cracking of eggs--just incorporating the wet and dry ingredients. Generally I am drawn to recipes that have very common ingredients that I would have on hand. That is what makes PW's recipes so enticing to me. So when you check this ingredient list, you may be disheartened to find that you will have to go in search of spelt flour, coconut butter, and perhaps pure maple syrup. And admittedly, I did NOT find the coconut butter but instead tried to make my own in the vitamix. Not sure if the coconut butter turned out the way it should, but the BREAD was delicious.

The bread is made out of all whole foods. I am becoming fond of spelt flour which you can find at your local whole foods stores. I read that it keeps its nutrition when refrigerated. You can read all about the health benefits of spelt here.

The critics loved this bread, by the way. And if I find something they love that is nutrient dense such as this?? Well, I'm gonna go make another loaf...

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